Leadership Development

We encourage and equip local leaders to build their communities in practical ways from the ground up.

Youth Mentoring

Connecting at-risk children and teenagers with caring adults significantly increases their likelihood of moving out of extreme poverty. We equip adults to come alongside kids for supportive, long-term relationships.

Vocational Training

We provide teens, single mothers and unemployed adults with job skills training, small business skills training, as well as periodic and sustained employment.

Food Security

We provide funding, technical expertise, and market access to small and medium-sized landholders so they can better manage their natural resources, market their products, and increase their income. We also train at-risk youth and single mothers in agronomy to increase their likelihood for employment and food security.


We coordinate medical mission teams, in-kind donations and financial partnerships to extend primary healthcare into communities that need it most.


We provide children and teenagers with access to an education by helping finance K-11 schools, vocational training and at-risk youth mentoring programs.  Increasing a person’s educational opportunities and achievement is directly linked to reducing poverty.