Meet Isaac

Joaquin Isaac Aleman is NicaWorks! newest employee but a long-time friend of the ministry’s leadership team. Isaac is originally from Managua; he and his wife Nolvia live with their two beautiful young children in Veracruz, a suburb of the country’s capital. For several years Isaac has helped the older children and teenage boys living at the Casa Bernabe orphanage.

Isaac’s interest in agriculture started six years ago while working with NicaWorks! agriculture team at the orphanage farm complex. Today he is managing his own small-scale farming project with assistance from NicaWorks! and has joined our team as a driver and agriculture assistant.

Isaac’s smile is infectious and he loves being part of a team that’s creating real change in people’s lives every day. He loves that his new job enables him to continue training kids from Casa Bernabe in agriculture while also contributing to NicaWorks! agriculture projects in El Canon, Alvellanas and other communities across the country.

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